As a dedicated humanitarian, Feleshia Blue has focused a lot of her life and energy on helping others. She is an avid advocate for cancer awareness, as she lost her father to renal cell carcinoma in 2013. She has offered her money, time and voice for uplifting and helping those fighting the disease.

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Feleshia Blue had a vision that she will have an impact on the world similar to Oprah Winfrey. "I had to take a break and learn from my mistakes, clear my mind and cleanse my circle. Once I knew where I was, I had to sit back and look very deeply into myself. This helped me to gain perspective on my purpose, and to learn who I was, who I am, and who I want to become."

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Feleshia Blue is working hard on her anticipated first project with a platinum selling super producer and very close friend Edrick Miles. New project is projected to release in 2018.

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"Raised up in the hood, a bad girl gone good. I know that you remember me, but I’m not what I used to be."

When you mix the flavors of the streets, the church choir, high school band camp, apparent intelligence, corporate America, a blunt personality, and extremely humble beginnings, you produce the raw and soulful sounds of the seasoned singer, songwriter, trumpeter and producer Feleshia Ballou Thornton.

Better known to the world as Feleshia Blue, her music reminds you of a mixture of old school 90’s R&B with a new age millennial vibe coupled with a crisp, yet raspy soulful sound and subtle hints of inspiration. Her lyrics are intended to inspire and teach preventive measures that can prevent mistakes and consequences from poor decision making, to teach young women how to act with confidence and class, and to demand respect. To help people escape defeating situations with their minds and ethic. This girl has seen it all in the tough streets, and she takes life and death very seriously. Feleshia Blue does not want to use her talent irresponsibly, so she chooses not to sing about materialistic and superficial topics that so often flood the musical airways. Her project is a compilation of motivational speeches, outreach, as well as a very raw, real and uplifting music on her album…soon to be titled “In My Life”, where she pays homage to her biggest musical inspiration Mary J Blige.


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